Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thing #3

I'm really glad the blog setup is completed so I can get on with the exploration. It won't be nearly as difficult the next time. Of course I realize I made it hard on myself by thinking I could do it without reading ALL the directions. Well, I surely did have to read them all. That avatar was tricky. If I had only just gone on and read the next sentence, I would have finished much sooner. Now I am looking forward to going back and doing some tweaking!

Thing #2

I was glad to discover that the 71/2 habits are habits of mine. The hardest thing for me is finding the time to play. I have to make time for that and it should be higher on my priority list. I love to use and explore new technology, however, I do get frustrated when occasionally, it doesn't come easy. I'm enjoying this exploration, but I sure wish I wasn't using an 8 year old computer, even if it has been upgraded a couple times!

Thing #1

OK, it looks like I'm here. I'm having some Old Computer difficulties, but I'm going to keep trying.