Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thing #20

This youtube video could inspire me to make one of my own to show elementary students the things that really annoy the librarian and her assistant. It could be used as part of orientation.

Well, that seemed to be fairly easy to do!

Now I'll take a look at teachertube - which has recently become unblocked in my district.

Wow - great resources there! I came across a group of videos called "Idiom of the Week" produced by the Kentucky School for the Deaf. Students acted out the idioms using sign language, but with words to read along, which makes these extra interesting. Fourth grade LA teachers always have a hard time getting idioms to make sense to the students. I think these will be a great help. Teachertube was just allowed during the spring of 09, so I may spend some time helping teachers out with this one, if needed. Like I mentioned before, teachers are more tech savvy than they used to be.

It's great to know about Zamzar and Blinkx for those sources the district will invariably block.

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