Friday, July 24, 2009

Thing #12

Most important to me about commenting on a blog, is that you contribute something meaningful to the conversation and stay on the subject of the thread. I have read some where commenters get way off the subject at hand. I raise guineafowl and joined a group of others guinea raisers. I asked questions to help me out with some new keets and got some wonderful answers, however sometimes the other members got way off track. I thinks some of it was just for fun as the people seem to know each other, at least in cyberspace.

Another hobby of mine is horses. I am looking for a good blog and may have found one dealing with the Parelli method of training. I am signed up on twitter with the Parelli as well and receive updates from them on my phone. It's no wonder we see so many people glued to their telephones! Almost all of this can be picked up on your phone if it will handle it. My phone's not quite there, but my next one probably will be. I have commented on several other horse or farm related blogs and have gotten responses. One of them joined my blog for this class! I mentioned some of our common interests to her on my comment. It sounds like I may have a new friend in New York! I have also enjoyed commenting and receiving comments from other library2play blogs. They are so interesting to read.


  1. I hope you do have a new New york friend...I have many new friends from around the world because of my blog...some I communicate with directly and others are out there reading! But we are sharing ideas no matter what!

  2. Wow, New York and horses... I just had to comment. I am originally from NY (still have family there) but have lived in Texas for over 20 years. I have always loved horses but have only recently gotten into them seriously. I, too, got looking at horse related blogs.... spent way too long on the computer. I enjoy Parelli, but have discovered that I like the practical, commonsense approach of Clinton Anderson. Have you ever watched any of his shows or videos?