Monday, July 6, 2009

Thing #7

I have been a big Google fan since I first began using it in library school with Dr. Bell. I use alot of it on a regualr basis, so I chose someting to explore that I had not gotten to yet. I set up a Google Alert and have already received an alert about the Bureau of Land Managemeny Mustang Adoption that I set it up for. That will be interesting. I love the iGoogle page that I set up because it has so many gadgets that help to personalize it for me. I can see my internet time going up already. The most useful thing I am going to try out is Google Docs. I set up an experimental one to use for book fair sign up in the fall. This one could save me some email time. Here is the link:

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  1. Great Idea about using the Google Document for Library Book Fair. I could use something like this with our volunteers.