Friday, July 10, 2009

Thing #9

This Thing gave me a headache! There are sooooo many blogs out there and some of them are a senseless waste of time and space. I have to look pretty far to find anything interesting. Google, which usually is my favorite, is easy to use, as well as Edublog. Maybe it is just my "summer brain" but this was hard for me to get into. I liked looking into the "Best" blogs on edublog. I thought I was going to like library blogs on suprglu, but I found it confusing. One thing for sure, you can find a blog out there about anything you're interested in if you have the time and patience to look. I am raising guinea fowl, which is something many people have never heard of, and found a few blogson thim and other farm animals.


  1. I agree! There are many blogs not worth reading. But occasionally I find one that has some worthwhile helpful info or just some funny or inspirational viewpoints. I try to "follow" those in case they remain useful. How interesting that you raise guinea fowl - such lovely birds.

  2. I agree with you Linda. I think it will take practice and time to be able to search and find relevant blogs....I hope you are having a great summer

  3. I found the library blogs on suprglu to be confusing, as well. I agree with you that the "best" blog list was one of my favorites. I also thought I'd add that I like the Shelfari that you have on your blog and think that I will add on mine. Thanks for the idea.